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Activities in Crete

The Island of Crete has a good variety of activities to enjoy while your on your holiday, with water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, river treks and also mountain bike tours, canyoning and hiking tours.

Activities in Crete

Snorkeling is a relaxed activity that you can enjoy for hours, the huge variety of sea life in Crete provides the perfect location for snorkeling, a number of beaches in Crete provide the equipment for snorkeling, though be careful where you choose to snorkel, it is best to keep close to the coastline, places with rocky floors and a depth of about 6 to 10 feet are the best conditions for snorkeling. There is a lot of sea life in these places, if you wish to do some under water photography while snorkeling, you can buy disposable cameras from nearby markets, these disposable cameras cost around €10 and you can take about 27 pictures.

Scuba Diving.

Crete has a variety of sea life and is one of the best places for scuba diving, some of the popular places where you can go scuba diving are along the coastline in Chania, Rethimnon, Heraklion, and Lassithi. In Chania, you can go scuba diving from the Megalou Sfakou bay to the Afraton bay coast, in Rethimnon the best places are Korakiou and the western part of Panormos, Lassithi east of Panagia is good for scuba diving.

In Heraklion there are a number of places to scuba dive, like Fodele Bay, Cape of Hersonissos, Cape Diakori and north of Gournes. If your hiring out diving equipment then you can normally hire them out from dawn to sunset, some regulations that need to be followed include no photography of antiques, underwater fishing is not allowed and any discovery of antiques has to be reported to the local Archaeological Service, the Port Authority or the Police, for more information about scuba diving in Crete, visit

Hiking Tours.

If you enjoy hiking then Crete has a number of hiking tours to choose from that range from one day tours to 15 day tours, there are three different hiking grades, grade A is for beginners, Grade B is for those who can do moderate hiking and Grade C is for regular hikers. Grade A one day tours include easy walks in the town area that has lots of places to visit, for more experienced hikers there are the 15 day tours that are arranged for Level B and Level C hikers, these 15 day tours differ in the level of difficulty. Grade C is the most difficult and challenging trek, it includes 8 to 10 hours of hiking on rocky terrain and mountains, tailor made hiking trips are also arranged for large groups, all the tours include a mix of places to suit the interest of all age groups.

River Treks.

If you know how to swim there is yet another interesting activity for you in Crete, river treks are a lot of fun and you will get to cross gorges wading through rivers, there is lot of swimming, as well as easy and short climbs. Cretan adventures organise various river treks in the gorges of Kourtaliotis and Patsos in Rethymnon and the Sarakina gorge in Ierapetra, these river treks are organised from May to September.


Crete has a number of canyons, in fact Crete has the most in the whole of Greece, some are a simple walks, some involve a certain level of difficulty and there are some that have never been explored, Canyoning is an activity that involves crossing these canyons. participants are first trained for rappelling with all required the required equipment, there are various canyons to choose from, some are easy to cross and some are more difficult. There is a team of six people plus two experienced guides, the various canyons that are chosen for canyoning include Lapathos, Rodakino, Arvi, Kladou and the Ha canyon.

Mountain Bike Tours.

A cycle trip to the villages and mountains of Crete is the perfect holiday activity for adventurers, a number of mountain bike Tours are organised in Crete by Cretan Adventures. Cretan Adventures is located in Heraklion, their tours range from one day tours to eight day tours, the longer tours cover a greater distance, about 35 kilometres a day. As Cyclists are taken through various towns and villages they get to see beaches, chapels and much more, each day cyclists will stay at different hotels in Gouves, Avdou, Sissi, Elounda, Kalo Horio, Myrtos and Heraklion respectively, if you are on holiday with family or friends then this is a perfect way to enjoy the beauty of Crete!

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Attractions in Crete

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