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Buying Property in Crete

Buying Property in a place like Crete can prove quite profitable for those people who love to spend their holidays in a place where they can get good scenic views of the mountains as well as the ocean.

Buying Property in Crete
Estate Agents.

If your planning to buy a holiday property in Crete make sure you consult the estate agents, they will provide assistance in finding a holiday property to your requirements. Contact a reliable estate agent with good real estate experience, give the estate agent the details of your requirements, like location, where you would like the property, the size of the property you are looking for, your budget, etc. The estate agent will then help you find the best properties that meet your criteria, make your choice and strike the most profitable deals when buying your holiday property in Crete.


As in any other place, legal documents are required to buy properties in Crete, it is advisable that you consult estate agents who have experience in dealing with Crete properties. The estate agents are well aware of all the legal documents required and will assist in completing all legal formalities, they provide good advice and assistance in helping you to find some of the best properties that are on the market.


A number of national banks in Greece are willing to provide mortgages to clients for buying holiday properties in Crete, the interest rates are low and the term of the repayment of your loan can be up to 25 years. The banks provide a detailed purchase contract that states the payment made and the amount due, there are a number of purchase schemes that you can take up, for more information, consult a good bank and make yourself aware of the various schemes that are available, always choose a scheme that suits you best.


You can easily get insurance cover for your holiday property in Crete, there are a number of insurance companies that provide home insurance policies. These policies protect the building and it's belongings against fire, flood, theft, explosions, burglary, etc. Some insurance policies also cover damages caused by earthquakes, they may ask for some additional cost for the insurance of your house from earthquakes, contact a reliable insurance agency for detailed information about the terms and conditions of the various policies they offer.

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Buying Property in Crete

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