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Sightseeing in Crete

If your planning to go sightseeing around Crete then make sure you dont miss out on visiting Heraklion, Rethymnon, Paleohora, Samaria Gorge, Irakleio, Agia Roumeli, Gortyn the Lassithi plateau and the town of Agios sostis with it's great beaches nearby.

Sightseeing in Crete
Excursions to the Monastery of Arkadhi.

Excursions are a nice way to explore Crete, among the various excursions organised in Crete, one is the excursion to the Monastery of Arkadhi. The Monastery of Arkadhi is located 14 miles south of Rethymnon. The monastery is almost a national Cretan shrine. In 1866 this place became a refuge for Cretan insurgents from the Turks, the Turks surrounded them and after two days of fighting, they ignited the gunpowder storeroom, this killed hundreds of Cretans and Turks. This battle is an important part of the Cretan fight for independence, the monastery can be easily reached by the local bus service, which operates daily from 8am to 1.30pm, and 3.30pm to 8pm, a ticket to the museum costs €1.45, this excursion lasts for a day, there are also guides to show you around the museum.

Excursions to Phaistos.

Phaistos is situated 68 kilometres 38 miles south of Heraklion, it is the second most important Minoan archaeological site in Crete. The Palace complex of Phaistos is considered as a much finer example of Minoan architecture than the Knossos, the site was originally built in 2,000 BC but was destroyed by fire 300 years later and was then rebuilt. There are guides to lead groups during the excursion, the trip is fun but make sure you reach Phaistos between 8 am - 5pm, as it closes at 5pm, Phaistos is open every day, except on Mondays.

Excursions to the Samaria Gorge.

The Excursions to the Samaria Gorge in the White Mountains is an interesting trip, you have to reach the gorge by bus before taking the excursion, from here the trek moves on the cliff side of the National Park, this excursion is a 10 mile hike from the top of the gorge. At the end of the gorge there is the village of Agia Roumeli, from here hikers sail on boats to Khora Sfakion or Paleohora where their bus is waiting for them. The gorge is open from 6am - 3pm depending on the weather conditions. The entry to the National Park is free for children under 15 years of age, for adults it costs €5, for students the entry is €2.50.


Gortyn is located south of Heraklion, the most interesting thing to see at the Gortyn site is the complete code of law dating back to the 5th century BC, which is completely based on Minoan tradition, the code stones are well preserved in the Roman Odeon in Gortyn. The Church of St Titus is also located here, it is at this place that Christianity was first introduced to the island, the Gortyn site is open daily from 8:30am - 3pm, entry costs €4 for those over 18, for those below 18 the entry is free, entry fee for students is €2, during the months from November to March, entry is free on Sundays.

Dia Island.

A day trip from Irakleio can take you to the beautiful Dia Island, the Island is a perfect place to relax, it is a small island that has a lot of Cretan goats also known as red goats. Sail for the Dia Island early in the morning, there are a number of ferries that sail daily from Irakleio. Spend the day on the island and return by the evening Dia island is a good place to visit with the family, you can spend the day swimming in the clear waters, wading on the shallow waters of the beach and making sand castles with your children, your trip to Dia Island will surely be a memorable one.

Crete Night Cruise.

Night cruises are organised in Crete, these cruises sail at night for a duration of about four hours, cruise escorts will pick you up from your hotel. Once you are on board on the cruise you can enjoy two hours of non stop entertainment by folk artists, dancers and musicians, it is then dinner time with traditional food and unlimited wine, as the four hours of the cruise complete the boat returns to the harbour and the cruise escorts drop their guests back to their hotels, on the whole it is a beautiful experience and an unforgettable one.

Spring Walking.

The woods, valleys and mountains of Crete bloom with flowers during the spring, the beauty is so mesmerising that Spring Walking tours are organised with different paths and destinations to choose from for spring walking. The tour may take you to the gorges and coastline in Crete or you might walk through the mountains and pass through the villages. The valleys along the way are blooming with flowers and is a lovely sight, there are lemon and orange groves, natural surroundings, clear blue sea and a lot more natural beauty to enjoy, the tour is not to strenuous as it is walked at a gentle pace.

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